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This may totally shock you but I do have a life outside of loving NASCAR…shut up I actually do!   I LOVE to write. And I LOVE photography. And I LOVE crafting of all types.  I write daily (not necessarily here or in a public arena really even) so you will just have to trust me when I tell you that.   Every single day- I have done some sort of writing.  I am taking photography classes to get better there- so I don’t do it daily but usually weekly because I have an assignment or five to turn in.  So naturally crafting has kind of taken a back seat lately only because I do have a real job too and and Roxy and two adorable nephews that I love to play with and you know…sleep which is also good. Oh and did I mention I have this thing for baking too? I do. I love to bake because it’s an exact science of measuring and following directions  (unless you are my dad- who is the only person I know who can throw stuff in a mixing bowl haphazardly and end up with delicious cookies no matter what he throws in the bowl or how much).  Ok so technically sometimes the love of writing and the photography thing intermix with NASCAR but they are actually also totally independent of each other.  Really!

Anyway- today I got a little crazy and signed up for an online CROCHET-ALONG where  we will get weekly clues as to what to crochet and by the time it’s over we will have made a blanket. No problem right? I mean I know how to crochet.  I haven’t actually crocheted anything in over a year or maybe even more now that I think about it. But I have been wanting to pick up a hook again.  I mean why NOT?  So maybe I haven’t EVER made anything as big as an afghan before- there is always a first time for everything right?

Well that is what my crazy right-brain side of me is saying anyway.  The smart (albeit slightly anal) left-side brain is screaming things like DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS? Another project? Really? It’s not like you don’t have FIVE different things you are currently writing (including this blog), and don’t you have THREE different photography assignments you are working on? And when do you plan to sleep?  Because this is actually the BUSY TIME of the year at work and they just included you on that new assignment that will probably be a lot of work.  CRAZY! YOU ARE CRAZY! Oh and did you not forget that you are going to races in October and November AND champions week in Vegas? When will you have the time? When??????

So yeah- I am slightly crazy and added another thing to my plate but this will be FUN! And an ADVENTURE!  Because not only have I not made anything as big as an afghan before BUT I also haven’t ever crocheted anything without a solid pattern (with pictures) before I started. So it will be odd.  Not knowing what it’s suppose to look like while I am actually making it…so it could all go really wrong.  I will keep you all updated on my progress.