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I was looking for Episode 3 of the Smoke IS The Bandit video series to link to the post from yesterday when I stumbled across this recent interview with Tony Stewart on Dan Patrick. I will say this- I am not a fan of talk radio. I have SiriusXM and I purposely listen to music stations. I only listen to the NASCAR station if I am driving during a race because it’s the only time I really have the patience for it. I don’t listen to news or weather, I don’t listen to Stern or anything like that. I listen to music and that is it. I even get a little cranky when one of the stations in my regular rotation has a weekly talk show with musical guests because it’s “too much jabber not enough music” and will flip away to one of the other stations I frequent.

That said everything I have ever seen with Dan Patrick (whether it be Tony Stewart related or not- I have seen/heard some of his stuff with other people) I have loved. This is fairly recent- I think from just before the Las Vegas race weekend best I can tell. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did: (more…)