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Just some random thoughts I have been thinking about but too lazy to pull into individual posts…some NASCAR-related, some not…so put on your wading boots:

  • It was probably the night of July 2nd or July 3rd, but I had the strangest dream. I dreamed I was in NY with my friend and the Statue Of Liberty was alive and walking around crushing things like Godzilla.  Of course I have never been to NY so in my dream NY looked like San Francisco….it was disturbing.
  • Fireworks: For the first time in many many moons, my town decided to allow “safe and sane” fireworks which is kind of cool right? Well it’s also my 15 month old nephew’s first experience with fireworks. So I purposely didn’t go outside with the family to watch / worry about someone losing a finger. Why? Cuz they freak me out and I didn’t want him to be a big scaredy cat like his aunt.  Reports were that he was very mesmerized by them and not scared at all.  I saw the pictures – they were pretty!
  • I did however take part in the post fireworks family smores tradition. It is tradition that on the forth my dad builds a little fire in the camping weber and we toast (or is it roast? I dunno I usually just stick mine in and wait for em to catch on fire then blow them out and they are perfectly charred just the way I like em) marshmallows and make smores. Unfortunately my nephew was asleep by then…so no sticky marshmallow mess for him.
  • I have decided that I don’t like the races on tv with “limited” commercial interruptions cuz even though they put the commercial on I can still see the track and mostly I am like WHAT IS GOING ON? Plus I worry if I wander from the room I will miss something. I don’t know WHY I feel this way because I am use to this on HOT PASS but when the national broadcast is like that I feel stressed.
  • TC at TheNascarInsiders is making a fairly bold prediction stating that Tony will win the 2009 Sprint Cup Championship…what do you think? I love the sound of it. I really do BUT it’s a little early. Although he is HOT right now. I don’t wanna jinks him!

Well I guess I didn’t have as much to expound upon as I thought I did.