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Ok so I totally stole the title of this entry from Office Depot’s catchphrase but it works for this post AND I love Office Depot because they sell office supplies and I am seriously addicted to sharpies (the pens not the markers) and post-it notes…oh and they happen to sponsor my favorite driver TONY STEWART.

So you might notice that things look a little different around here!  I want to thank Charity as always for being patient with me when it comes to redesigning things around here.  She always seems to be able to take my email ramblings and make them into a design that totally goes beyond my expectations. EVERY TIME.  So…YEY! New design. As always- let me know if something around here seems wonky and we will fix it.


Don’t forget to visit Office Depot Racing to enter the 14 For 14 contest. The monthly contest gives 14 lucky winners a chance at winning that month’s prize…on the 14th of the month.  This month it’s Tony’s new 2011 Hero Card- autographed! So click here to enter that. Remember you only have until the 14th to enter!

AND while there be sure to pick up your coupon for the Poster of the month to take to your local office depot and have printed out. The coupons for the poster are available until the end of the month.

Both the 14 for 14 contest and the Poster of the Month are MONTHLY features at the office depot website so check in often.

And while you are there you can also download new Tony Stewart wallpaper (I just did!) and check out my favorite section: ASK TONY.  There is even a place where you can upload your own pictures to their fan gallery!

I am still working on the Sonoma post.  Tomorrow morning it should be up.  In the meantime, I have been cleaning house around here (and by here I mean the website- not my home or office) and wanted to let you know some things:

  • I went through my entire blogroll and if you didn’t have a post from any time in the last year, or I got sent to a domain registration page, blank page, or something to make me think that you no longer had a blog/website I deleted you off my blogroll.  This doesn’t mean I don’t love you- it means that you have nothing for me to show love to…if you think this was a mistake just drop me either a comment on this entry or an email (the address is over there in the right column) and we will work it out.
  • If I DO NOT show you love but think I should? Same thing applies- just a comment or an email (or even a tweet) and we can check you out.  Remember we rely on word of mouth just as much as your site does and we appreciate any incoming links to Badgroove- so if I managed to overlook your site- let me know.
  • Thanks to Valli over at TheFastandTheFabulous you can expect  more pictures to be included here at badgroove.com!  I hope that is something you are looking forward to as much as me! Who doesn’t love pictures? I love pictures.
  • As always feel free to comment on posts or if you are shy and just want to talk to me- you can email me at the email address on the right.

A New Look…

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Welcome to the new look of Amy’s Bad Groove (if you don’t see it try refreshing your browser). It was time to freshen up the look of Badgroove.com…I had been using the other skin for a little over a year. And frankly- I get tired of a skin afterawhile…  and while I loved what I call the TEAL theme…it was definitely time for change.

I have Charity of Eternal Stardust Designs, SmokeNation and several other blogs to thank for her tireless work on it and her patience with me asking for small changes here and there. I hope you all enjoy the new look that she worked so hard on… let me know in the comments if you have any issues or anything.

Because of the picture-intense race posts about the Shelby 427- I use the extend the entry function of wordpress- so people on dialup (I know you are still out there peeps- don’t be ashamed- I too am still doing the dialup) don’t have to wait six years for my page to load. Just FYI. Contine on with your regularly scheduled programming.