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I almost never go to the movies. I really don’t- I think that the last movie I went to was Les Miserables when I went to see it alone on my birthday (despite being sick as a dog) because I wanted to see it one more time on the big screen before it went out of the theaters. It’s not that I don’t WANT to see movies mind you- I will see a preview for a movie and think to myself…HEY!! That looks REALLY good (or REALLY funny).   I always want to see movies if I think they have ANYTHING to do with racing but I also like a little bit of action and of course I tend to like romcoms (extra points if you are an action romcom about racing- I am ALL over that).  I will either forget about that movie by the time it comes out until I see it again on the shelves at Target or at the check-stand at the grocery store or I can’t find anyone who wants to see that particular movie because I have weird tastes in movies. Or I am not in the mood to go to the theater and have the experience spoiled by someone who is ____ (enter offensive behavior here: Talking, kicking my seat, crying, etc).

Case in point: Turbo. It looks adorably cute! AND YES I KNOW IT’S A CARTOON- but it still looks cute.  Who doesn’t love the classic underdog storyline? I am a sucker for it…and a snail that wants to win the Indy 500?! CUTE!  I would like to see it.  I don’t want to have to fight throngs of children to do it (I know it’s a kid’s movie– you don’t have to leave me a comment reminding- I do KNOW this and I am not anti-child really- I love the little boogers. I am anti-parents-who-don’t-watch-their-kids). Plus movie theaters on the weekends where I live make me want to shove popcorn down my throat until I asphyxiate because of all the people- especially around here where there isn’t really anything better to do than to go to the movies. Don’t worry- I probably WILL see it ad nauseum once it comes out on DVD since I have three nephews all three of whom seem to have a love of things with wheels (or wings or both).  Anyway- today I found out that IRL drivers Tony Kanaan, Helio Castroneves and Ryan Hunter-Reay all consulted on the movie.  That makes me want to watch it more- how do you even consult on a cartoon- aren’t cartoons all fantasy based anyway? I seriously doubt that there is a real life snail out there that thinks it can win the Indy 500!

(Photo Credit: Universal Pictures – Director Ron Howard’s Formula One-based film, “Rush,” will be in American theaters on Sept. 20 picture found on Autoweek.com)

But then there are movies that MUST be seen on the big screen at least once. I have a feeling that RUSH is going to be one of those movies.  I already want to see it in the theater and you can be dang sure I probably will.  It’s got the racing. It’s got the action. From the preview I saw it looks like it’s got some interesting cinematography.  It’s not hurt ONE bit by the fact that one of the main actors is Chris Hemsworth because well hey he was THOR and I liked him in the Red Dawn remake- despite the fact that I went into the remake wanting to hate it because YOU DON’T MESS with a classic like Red Dawn!   Oh and Ron Howard and F1…and well it’s got great potential! I can’t wait…this one has me looking forward to it. A lot.

What are your favorite race movies? What are you looking forward to seeing?