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Heading To Vegas

Heading To Vegas!

Yep I am off to Vegas- posting will be light…Follow our adventures on twitter: @BadGroove (Amy) and @Fyrstorm24 (Misty) or On Facebook (Amy).

I hope to bring back lots of fun pictures and stories to tell!!

My racecation at a glimpse by the numbers:

Miles Driven: 1000+

Mountain Passes transversed: 2 each way

Best Friends Visited: 1

Races attended: 1

Cameras Taken to Vegas: 3

Cameras Used in Vegas: 2

Pictures taken: 837

NASCAR Drivers Interviewed: 1 (TONY STEWART!!!!)

Interviews needing to be transcribed: 1 (see above)

Voices Lost: 1

Annoying squeaky noises made attempting to talk: 1 million

Beagles starved for attention: 1

How she showed she was starved for attention: She sniffed my luggage for a couple minutes then went to take a nap

Loads of  vacation laundry to do: At least 2- possibly 3 depending on how I sort

Loads of laundry actually done at this writing: 0

Needless to say I am back!!!  And jumping right back to work tomorrow. That and hacking up a lung with this cough I recently developed. Fun times.  Look for more detailed post on the trip coming as soon as possible.