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1.  Other than the usual “crunch”, what one word best describes the sound when you walk in snow? Tell us about a time you had with/in snow.  Well it doesn’t snow here…but when I think of snow and my experiences with it…I think the sound is slog. I actually hate snow. I try to avoid at all expenses.

2. What one word best describes the sound of leaves as you walk through them. Try not to use the word “rustle, rustling”. Share a story having to do with you and leaves. Swoosh!  Because I like to drive through “puddles of leaves”.  I am sure it pisses people off but around here when the leaves start to fall from the trees people make piles of them out in the street front of their houses for the street sweeper to pick up.  And I like to swoosh through the pile of leaves.

3. Choosing another word besides the word “slosh”, give us your best (one) word for walking through rain and puddles. We’d love to read a story about you and the rain and/or puddles. Squish…that’s the sound of walking through our lawn when its rained.  I don’t have any stories about me in particular unless you want to hear about some horrifying stories about hydroplaning on the way home from a Tesla concert or hydroplaning on my way home from work during el nino. Roxy however is so prissy that she does NOT like to get her feet the least bit wet…and when she does she almost tiptoes through the water. Its humorous to watch.

4.  Yes, there’s sweltering. But pick one other word to describe the humid summer heat. If you’re able, tell us a funny story related to you and the summer heat. If nothing comes to mind, tell us what you do to beat the heat.  Drenching.  The heat in Fontana at the races about killed me. I am not use to that kind of sticky heat. Bleck.  To beat the heat? I say out of it!

5.  Halloween is fast approaching. Other than the word “spooky”, choose one word that describes the Halloween atmosphere. Share with us a favorite Halloween costume you wore. If you’ve never participated by wearing a costume, let us know the wildest costume you’ve ever seen.  Exciting! I love Halloween!! I always liked to make my own costumes. One year I think it was 6th grade my mom told me I was too old to trick or treat (because I looked a lot older) but I still wanted to participate in the halloween parade at school so I went out in the garage and found my dads overalls…and rolled them up and pinned them.  Went out to the back yard and got ash from the bbq pit and put it all over my face and my hands and the overalls…and then grabbed a wrench out of my dad’s toolbox and went as a mechanic.  More recently? I bought a bunch of those HELLO MY NAME IS…. stickers? Wrote a bunch of different names on them and put them all over myself…and went as an identity crisis.

Ok. I am sick. I admit it. I feel like I got ran over by a bus and all my bodily fluids are in my head and upper chest. Nice. Plus there is the cough…I hate the freaking cough. So Manny did this the other day so I will do it today…because I lack original content and the ability to think because of this cough ridden cold I have.

The rules are simple:

Guess the name of the song and the artist. No googling or yahooing or dogpiling or other websearches allowed. Also just for your information…all these lyrics? Recently were played in my ipod or itunes.

1. If you’re coming with me you need nerves of steel/Cuz I take corners on two wheels. Charity

2. Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair/ with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green. Charity

3. I see our freedom in my sight. No locked doors, no windows barred.

4. I think its cool you do what you do and don’t try to save me. Charity

5. Like uh, let’s see: Havolive, Target, Sharpie, Caterpiller, Nextel, Mountain Dew, Dupont, Lowes, Home Depot, Kodak, M&Ms, UPS, Tide, Alltel, Gillette, Kellogs, V!agra, DeWalt and uh…budweiser Charity

6. And God knows we’re gonna talk about your clothes Lisa

7. I’m a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine. Charity

8. I was an august baby, conceived by the christmas lights.

9. I’m way too long for the bed, yeah it’s hard to get around.

10. Seen her in the park with a puppy on a string, looking so cute Charity

11. Did you read the news today? They say that danger’s gone away. Andrea

12. I’ve had everything that’s tangible, honey you’d be surprised

13. And my memories left with you, there’s nothing more to say.

14. Give me strength at least give me a light, Give me anything even sympathy Andrea

15. I can’t waste another minute after all that I’ve put in it, I’ve given you my best, why does she get the best of you? Lisa

Extra Credit: Love to see them tag, love a last lap turn four pass and my guy takes the checkered flag. John