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Ok- the title of this entry might just be a little weird but I couldn’t think of anything else to call it.  So last month my beloved nephew MXM turned two years old.  At the time he had a brand new month old brother and my brother wanted him to have a good party outside in a county park with a bounce house and bbq and all that…and the weather was still pretty crappy…plus time snuck up on them and they didn’t have a chance to reserve the picnic ground so this Saturday I will be out at the park celebrating his birthday.

I asked my sister-in-law if there was anything he needed- and she said clothes. So I obliged:

Lots of Clothes for MXM. My favorite is a shirt that says "My Favorite Color is DIRT"

However- I didn’t want to be the aunt who gives the boring presents either. Yeah I know he is only two and probably won’t remember what I gave him on his second birthday or anything…but I had to get him SOME sort of toy. He loves two things: Cars and Sharks. Well Aunty found this the perfect opportunity to share her love of Tony with MXM:

Aunty found some Tony cars for MXM's Birthday!!!

I have hit the wall so to speak.  Seriously I have the posts there…they just don’t want to come out of my fingers.  For some reason when I get home the last thing I want to do is sit down and type them out. I mean I still have to do my Phoenix race review (and let me tell you do I have mixed feeling there) plus there is all this talk about Kasey Kahne signing with Hendrick and possibly being housed at SHR for a year…so it’s not for a lack of stuff to post about.

So for now you get to look at this cute picture of my nephew MXM playing in his front yard…

Know I am alive and I am trying to get you a real post soon…as in within the next day…

MXM Update…

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I haven’t talked about my beloved nephew in quite awhile…here he is…my big boy:

MXM 20 mos

MXM 20 mos- enjoying breakfast at a local diner.

My nephew is only 20 months old (exactly today!)…but he looks much older.  When he was first born I struggled to find a nickname for him…it ended up being “Mister.” He is has so much to say but not enough words. They are starting to come but slowly- I wonder if one day he will just look at us and start speaking in sentences. He tries his best to pantamime his wishes. Sit with me. Milk Please. Give me your watch grandpa.  He continues to be the spark in our days- and will soon be joined by a sibling. He will be the big brother to a new nephew due in Feb.

I haven’t written much about my nephew lately. He’s growing by leaps and bounds.  He’s wearing 18 M -2T clothing depending on the clothes (he’s just barely 18 months) he’s tall but lean so sometimes he even wears smaller clothes.  Lately he’s very much into showing you what he wants you to do. If he wants you to sit with him or play with one of his toys he will show you.  And the expressions this boy has…I wish I could capture his look of displeasure. It’s hard not to laugh at his angelic little face all scrunched up and pissy looking when something isn’t going his way. He has a “thinking” face…a face of concentration when he’s trying to figure out how something works. And he has his “I-am-about-to-get-into-trouble-but-I-can’t-help-it” look which starts with this angelic, sweet smile and a twinkle in his blue eyes…and then it happens. He grabs something he’s not suppose to…like dirt, the dog or grandma’s glasses. He is still constantly trying to figure out how things work, and is still fascinated with keys and locks.  His attention span has grown by leaps and bounds lately. He is more willing and able to sit and play with something for more than two minutes.  He LOVES people – and is the kind of kid who waves to everyone in the store, every car that goes by, and if you pay him any attention? He will act all shy but soon you will be his best friend and if you leave? He will wave bye…then cry that you left.

But what I notice the most…is his incredible ability to love! that sounds odd I know but he has a lot of love in him for a little guy.  Last weekend my brother, sister-in-law, parents and I went out to late breakfast/early lunch at a local diner that we all enjoy.  It was fun and enjoyable and the food was great…and when we all went to leave we all walked out together and my nephew (who is also very into being independent and walking on his own) was set down to walk in the parking lot. He reached up and held is dad’s hand with one of his hands and his mom’s hand with the other. Then he looked back and decided he needed to hold grandma and grandpa’s hand too…so do dropped their hands to hold grandma and grandpa’s hands. Then he saw me and wanted to hold my hand. Then he was trying his darnedest to hold EVERYONE’s hand at the same time. It was the cutest thing. He had more love then his two little hands could hold.  He got it down where he could hold my hand and grandpas hand in one hand and grandma’s in the other…but mom and dad’s hands were just too much. It was the sweetest thing to see. He will make a great big brother to his little brother due in February.

Unfortunately I went no where. It was just one of those weeks where my “real” job was hellishly busy (being a new semester- it comes with the territory) and by the time I got home- I didn’t want to think… or write…at least not in anything over 140 characters (for those following me on Twitter- I did scrounge out a couple updates here and there).

When we last left off…I was having my HHR towed to the dealer because something broke and suddenly she wouldn’t roll. Well apparently no…nothing at all broke.  Common consensus is that somehow I had the parking brake stuck on- despite the fact that I had released it and the light went off. That is why it wouldn’t roll.  The “horrendous noise” I heard was it finally disengaging.  If I had started it back up AFTER the noise it probably would have rolled just fine. It was a scary noise though. And as much as I love cars- I really only know the basics about them- so when something goes wrong I have no idea.  The service advisor I worked with at the dealership was more than accommodating in offering to keep it another day to check it out. And like I told them when I was having it towed in- the engine sounds fine.  My only concern is that in a couple of weeks I am off to Vegas for the truck races (we got truck races free as part of our terrace package for the Cup series race) and I don’t want to be driving 500 miles – over mountain passes and through the desert in a car that is having an issue.  And it was within a week of needing an oil change anyway – so I had them change the oil while the car was  there.

Saturday included a trip to do grocery shopping for Grandma and then after than I kidnapped my parents and took them to Gilroy. This afforded me two things: A good jaunt to make sure that the HHR was working up to par (and after going the back way home- that car is FINE) plus some shopping in establishments I don’t usually get to frequent- not that I actually bought anything for me- but I did buy my nephew a toy tractor.

I then got to see my nephew- I was hoping to have pictures to share since I haven’t recently. I think you all will be surprised with how big he has actually gotten! But my dad surprisingly has not uploaded any of the pictures he took yet. He’s starting to talk- mostly still nonsense with the occasionally Mamma, daddy, Dis, dat, keys (he is fascinated with keys and locks) thrown in.

Roxy sits with Matthew, who is playing with his toolbench at grandma and grandpa's house.

Roxy sits with Matthew, who is playing with his toolbench at grandma and grandpa's house. And yes that IS a old homedepot Tony Stewart outfit he's wearing. His aunty hasn't bought him any new Tony Stuff yet.

I know that the Cup series had an off weekend…and I know that the trucks (Yey Kyle) and the nationwide cars (congrats to Carl) ran. But I will tell you that I was not able to actually watch any of it this weekend.

Last weekend was our annual Rodeo (the 99th year believe it or not). Rodeo is one of our big events here and is celebrated the whole week before (often called BIG WEEK). So some years I am more into Rodeo than others. This year I was definitely not into rodeo. So much so that I was actually able to forget about it for the most part except for the one time I accidentally got caught in event traffic in front of the rodeo grounds because I had forgotten and driven that way. Dumb me.

One of the FREE things that come with Rodeo is the Horse Parade. They start on the south side of town and parade up Main street all the way into the rodeo grounds.  Pretty much you have seen one horse parade though you have seen them all. Seriously its just a bunch of people on horses, some dressed up some wearing regular clothes.  However my dad decided it would be great to take his grandson (my nephew) to the horse parade. I went along to play porter (my main job? Carry chairs and push empty stroller). Luckily I also got to take three pictures and hold my nephew for three seconds.  I was surprised that he seemed to really love the horse parade.  My mom was worried the horses would scare him. He didn’t seem scared by them at all.  He watched the horses and waved to a couple. But what fascinated him the most? The Motorcycle cops that preceded the horses.  The motorcycle cops zoomed back and forth prior to the parade and then were at the front of the parade…and he LOVED them. He waved and waved at them. It was so cute.  Here is my nephew and I at the parade for the three seconds I got to hold him. You can’t tell but he was waving at a horse:

15 months old

15 months old

BTW- it looks like we have the same color hair doesn’t it? We don’t. His is natural. Mine is decidedly not.


Just a reminder I am not here this weekend- I am in Vegas. If you leave a comment and you haven’t done so before…it may take until Monday or Tuesday to show up. Keep coming back while I am gone though- I have some good posts lined up.

Happy First Birthday to my nephew MXM- who can always make me smile.

My Nephew baby MXM- less than one day old

My Nephew MXM- less than one day old.

Not so much A Baby Anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

Not so much a baby anymore- 10 days shy of your first birthday.

You were the first grandchild on both sides of your family. You were the first to make me an Aunt (or Auntie).  I have loved watching you grow this last year- however part of me wishes you could stay young forever and ever.  You have an incredible sense of adventure and are fearless in your pursuits.  You are constantly trying to figure out how things work, how to open boxes, flip switches, pull things in and out.   When I left for vacation at the end of February- you had no teeth. When I came back eight days later- you had four and a fifth one peeking through.  You are right on the cusp of walking independently and when you do I think you will only be walking for about ten minutes- then you will be off running to see what kind of mischief adventure you can find, eyes twinkling. You amaze me as I watch you learning and making sense of your world and how it works.

I struggled to find you an appropriate nickname over the last year- finally settling on “Little Mister” -however I think I need to find you a new one…because you aren’t so little anymore. Happy birthday to Auntie’s big boy.

MishMash Post

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  • First off…happy birthday Tessy.
  • Yesterday I was on my way home when BFM called to tell me that she was watching THIS WEEK IN NASCAR and it was ALL about the controversy surrounding the win…well unfortunately by the time I get home and get the tv on and tuned to SpeedTV – the only part of that I saw was crew chief Zipadelli yell something to the effect of: “That’s bullshit- you can’t pass under the yellow. Where’s my Official?” (which is something you didn’t see on the national broadcast).  It cracks me up because its nearly word for word what I yelped when I jumped off the couch.  Except I might have thrown in an extra f word and instead of saying where’s my official I believe I said something like- NASCAR NEEDS TO REVIEW THAT.  Even my mom picked up on the fact that it was nearly word for word what I said when I jumped off the couch.
  • Can I brag for a moment?  My nephew is getting bigger and is so adorable!  He’s 6 months old, weighs nearly 15 lbs…is really LONG…and has started learning to wave.  The other night he came across the street for a visit and sat and played in the laundry basket with my clothes and a couple of toys…he was having such a ball in the laundry basket- it was cute. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera charged up so you will have to trust me on that one.  It was darling.  He has also started reaching out for people when he wants them to pick them up. That’s fun.  As are baby kisses! Ahh..ok you talked me into it. Here’s a picture:
Making a Face
Making a Face
  • More bragging.  I got my love of taking pictures from my father. He has always loved to take pictures. He is in a place where right now he has far superior photography equipment than I do.  He has said recently that he might have the equipment for it but I have more of an eye for the pictures. Somehow…I don’t think so. He took this amazing photo at a local airshow of a jet and the shockwaves coming off him as he is about to break the sound barrier:

    Pushing the Envelope

    Pushing the Envelope