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When I was in grammar school I loved school supply shopping. It was probably my favorite thing to do…sure I liked school (except for that pesky math stuff) and did well it in but I LOVED getting my supplies. Hated the clothes shopping part- but LOVED the school supply shopping. LOVED IT! Which makes sense since I LOVE office supplies now that I am an adult…but I digress.

Tony Stewart spent time of Thursday at the Office Depot in Carmel, Indiana helping the Office Depot Foundation by giving the gift of 5000 sackpack filled with essential school supplies to local area youth before sitting down for a public autograph session with his fans. The sackpacks were divided up amongst several local Indiana charities including (but not limited to because there was a HUGE list of non-profits) Carmel Clay Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis Urban League, Happy Hollow Children’s Camp, School on Wheels, Teachers™ Treasures/Kids In Need Foundation, and the list goes on and on. (more…)