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So this is the 1000th post on BadGroove.  Actually if you want to be all technical about it, the post announcing Tony’s Chicago autograph session (pictures of this coming soon) was the 1000th post that was posted. But this post was in draft form before that one with this title so I still like to think of this as the the big 1000- don’t you? I definitely do. I think I should get a present!  What do you get a blogger for their 1000th post? Let me guess, um, a swift kick in the rear right? If that is the case, I will pass on the present.


Congratulations to the two finalists in this year’s 2011 “Official Small Business of NASCAR, Courtesy of Office Depot” Sweepstakes.  Two great finalists will race (vicariously via Tony Stewart and Greg Biffle) for the title this weekend at the AvoCare 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway this Sunday!

Huckleberry Pets adorns the TV panel of the #14 Office Depot Chevy of Tony Stewart. (Photo Credit: Edelman)


Hey Indiana Stewart-Haas Racing fans- here is a head’s up.  First you saw them qualify P1 and P2 in Loudon. Then you saw them finish 1-2 in Loudon. Now you can meet them both in Indiana at different Office Depot locations in advance of the Brickyard 400! That’s right Stewart-Haas teammates  Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart are doing autograph sessions for fans in their native state of Indiana.

Loudon winner Ryan Newman and Loudon runner up Tony Stewart will sign autographs in their native state of Indiana(Photo Credit: Rusty Jarrett MRD/CIA Copyright, CIA Stock Photography)Inc.

Loudon winner Ryan Newman (who hails from South Bend, IN) starts the autograph sessions at the Office Depot located at 16650 Mercantile Blvd in Noblesville IN on July 27th. Ryan Newman will be signing autographs for 600 fans starting at 4:00 pm. A wristband is required for the event. Wristbands will be distributed on a first come first serve (one wristband per person) basis at the Office Depot starting at 8:00 am. There will be one autograph per wristband and one wristband per person.

The following day (July 28th) Tony Stewart, who hails from Columbus, Indiana, will be at the Office Depot in Carmel, IN to help THE OFFICE DEPOT FOUNDATION donate 5,000 sackpacks filled will school supplies to representatives from from local schools and non-profit organizations (FYI sackpacks are not available to the general public) that assist Indiana’s school-age children. After the donation, Tony Stewart will sign autographs for 300 fans at the Office Depot in Carmel. This Office Depot is located at 12417 Meridian Crossing in Carmel, IN. Tony’s autograph session will start as soon as the sackpack presentations are over- so at approximately 4:15 pm. You will need a wristband for an autograph. A wristband is required for the event. Wristbands will be distributed on a first come first serve (one wristband per person) basis at the Office Depot starting at 8:00 am. There will be one autograph per wristband and one wristband per person.

Get their early, wear comfy shoes and have a blast!

Tony Stewart, owner/driver of the #14 Stewart-Haas Racing Office Depot Chevrolet and teammate Ryan Newman spent time with Office Depot employees at headquarters in Boca Raton Florida, thanking them for their hard work and celebrating the sponsorship relationship the drivers have with Office Depot.

Stewart and Newman took part in a Q&A session, hosted by SpeedTV Broadcaster John Roberts:

Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman address Office Depot employees at headquarters in Florida. Photo Credit: Edelman

The pair even presented Office Depot with an autographed hood:

John Roberts Hosts Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman at Office Depot Headquarters. Photo Credit: Edelman

 The duo then autographed items for the employees taking part in the celebration:

Tony Stewart signs autograph for Office Depot employees at the sponsor's headquarters. Photo Credit: Edelman

And…ok sure…another gratutious picture- Tony answers questions from the media while teammate Ryan Newman looks on. The photographer in me LOVES this picture…because Stewart is in the front but Newman is there in the background….it’s a great picture:

Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman address the media at the Office Depot Staff event. Photo Credit: Edelman

 Office Depot employees were also visited by Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo and an autograph session with author Andrew Giangola who was on hand signing copies of his book THE WEEKEND STARTS ON WEDNESDAY for employees (If you haven’t read Andrew’s book you should pick up a copy NOW! It really is a good read and makes me proud to be a NASCAR fan!)  I wish my department at work would have Tony and Ryan come to one of OUR all-hands meetings.  Hee.

You know I love you, Office Depot.  I have loved you far before you were Tony Stewart’s sponsor. Why? Because you have office supplies and I have a serious office supply addiction.  When you became one of Tony’s primary sponsors I nearly did a back flip…except I am not really that flexible. I love office supplies (and as a kid I loved school supplies) of all kinds.  Pens are my favorite supply…but I also have a serious love of all things post-it notey, notebook-like, and well I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. I do, however, have a small bone to pick with you!

So anyway I recently found myself in the need of three office supplies (1 red pen, 1 binder and a pack of graph paper).  I knew it was school supply season and I figured I would be able to find what I needed fairly quickly.  I don’t even get past the door and you are already distracting me with a big huge cardboard cutout of Tony Stewart.  I want this cardboard cut out. I asked my mom if I created a huge diversion in the back of the store if she would grab him and haul ass out to the truck and throw him in the backseat…but she declined. Damnation.

So I finally get into your fine store and head to my beloved pen isle only to find it seriously lacking in two things: Single pens. And Red Pens. I was really hoping for a single red Sharpie pen (not the fine tipped marker but the actual Sharpie pen…because I LOVE THOSE!!!). However I was unable to find a single red pen to buy. I just needed one. Not 12. Now luckily I was able to fine a 12 pack of red papermates on sale even for only 1.99 but really I only needed ONE pen. Not 12. Now I have 11 extras!  Granted I will probably eventually use them…but 11 extras is really excessive- especially for red-it’s my least favorite color of pen. Now yes I could have bought the three pack of a slightly better model of pen in my desired ink color however- but they were also nearly three times more expensive than the 12 pack of the cheaper pen.

Also- just so you know? Your graph paper selection? Stinks. I was looking for the kind that is 10 squares an inch and the best you had was 5 squares an inch. I will make due because I wasn’t about to go searching the damn town over for what I was looking for…

Other than that I really love your store (and the employees are usually so helpful. The guy who asked me if he could help me right when I walked in was able to tell me what aisle graph paper was on instantaneously without even thinking about it).


PS. I still really want the cardboard Tony in the entry way!