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Drivers are notorious for having race day routines, whether it be eating the same food, wearing the same underwear, buckling their belts in the same order, whatever- its a routine.  However…as a fan I am going to tell you, I have my own race day routines.

First off I tend to wear red. It is Tony’s color and his color must be adhered too if at all possible (sometimes it is not possible because I got lazy and didn’t do laundry) but most race days I wear red (and yes when his color was orange I did the same thing..only with orange). Doesn’t matter if I am at the track or at home or out somewhere, race day equals red shirt day.  When at the track I also  wear one of my Tony Stewart hats…not all the time though when I am at home because I don’t need my face protected, at home it depends on the state of my hair. My newest race day routine add in will include wearing two amazing bracelets beaded especially for me by Eternal Stardust Jewelry with Tony’s two main paint schemes in mind (office depot and old spice). I don’t have a picture of mine yet (but here is a picture of the one she made for  my friend based on Jeff Gordon’s Firestorm paint scheme- its hard to tell because of the pink background but the smaller beads are yellow and “fire” and are really cool).

I also try to catch as much of the prerace show on the TV as much as possible (only possible when I am at home because if I am watching at a track I usually leave for the track way before prerace begins).  It’s a must however to catch invocation, national anthem, flyover, and the command to start engines (same for at track..with the exception of at Infineon…I missed most of the invocation, National Anthem, etc because I was trying to get from driver intros on the start finish line to my Turn 7 seats).  I tend to sit in the same place at home when I am watching a race (the right side of the couch).  Once the race starts? I am there for the duration-other people will come and go but I am there for the go of the race- leaving only during commercials to take care of business like drink refills and food scrounging and potty breaks.

When at home- I usually have a notebook where I take note of funny things the announcers say or how Tony is doing at what point. I also doodle (usually cars and flowers…or cars with flowers on them). At the track I rely on my memory and dvr.  In the rare case that I am somewhere else…again I rely on my memory and dvr.

Now depending on Tony’s run towards the end- things get a little interesting for me at home.  If he’s up towards the front…I am usually off my keister and standing about 3 feet in front of the TV …usually cheering quite loudly.

So tell me about YOUR race day!


Just a reminder I am not here this weekend- I am in Vegas. If you leave a comment and you haven’t done so before…it may take until Monday or Tuesday to show up. Keep coming back while I am gone though- I have some good posts lined up.