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Just a reminder that Racing Dreams Premieres on PBS tomorrow! Check you local listings!

I was so excited to hear about this partnership I couldn’t wait to tell you. Back in 2010 I was lucky enough to get to preview the documentary Racing Dreams by filmmaker Marshall Curry.  It was awesome and I gave it a glowing review here. The documentary follows the lives of two boys (Josh Hobson and Brandon Warren) and a girl (Annabeth Barnes) through the five race World Karting Association (WKA) championship season.  It is really AWESOME to see and hear the story of the young fresh talent who dream of going into NASCAR someday.  I found the movie to be very compelling, engaging and interesting.

Since I watched it, Racing Dreams has won a bunch of film festival awards (Tribeca Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Indianapolis International Film Festival- the list could go on and on) AND had a premiere at the NASCAR HALL OF FAME even.

Well I am now pleased to say that Racing Dreams will be featured on POV on PBS.  POV is in it’s 25th season on PBS and features the work of today’s best independent film makers (Marshall Curry, Racing Dreams Director and Producer, was also featured on POV in 2005 for Oscar nominated Street Fight).  The national broadcast premiere for Racing Dreams is on Thursday February 23rd 2012  at 9:00 pm (check your local listings though- because I know my PBS is a timezone off sometimes). It will also stream online in its entirety from Feb 24th to March 24th on the POV website at: www.pbs.org/pov/racingdreams. If you can at all watch it, DVR it or check it out in the internet I HIGHLY recommend it…especially for my race fan readers!

Racing Dreams follows the lives of three young racers (Annabeth Barnes, Josh Hobson and Brandon Warren) through the pavement series WKA national championship.

The release for this announcement also mentioned that DreamWorks Studios is developing the documentary into a dramatic feature film. I can only hope that this actually happens because it will rock if it’s half as good as the documentary is.

If you got the most recent issue of NASCAR ILLUSTRATED you may have read the four page spread starting on page 56 about the documentary Racing Dreams by film maker Marshall Curry. Well I am here to tell you that if you have a chance to see this movie- I highly recommend that  you do.

The film Racing Dreams follows Josh Hobson (age 12),  Brandon Warren (age 13), and up and coming rookie Annabeth Barnes (age 11) in her class through the 2007 World Karting Association season as each strives to be the National champion in their division (Brandon is in the senior class, Josh and Annabeth are both in the junior class).   It incorporates not just their racing and the 5 race WKA season- but their individual family dynamics and the kid’s personalities as well.

Photo Credit: Racing Dreams PressKit

It’s really the kids that make this movie in my opinion. Josh is extremely polished for someone his age- he holds court at fundraising events to support his racing, he practices mentioning sponsors, he is the most gracious winner.  He has extremely supportive parents.  Brandon is not so polished, extremely fun-loving, has had issues with a quick temper, but a desire and want to win. Brandon is being raised by his grandparents.  Annabeth struggles with balancing being a “normal kid” and a racer.  Two of the kids strike up a friendship that is just so classic of that age that it makes the movie.  By the last race of the WKA season, you (or at least I was) are rooting for all three of them.  Three very different kids.  One dream.

I highly recommend seeing this movie if you have the opportunity. For more information on the movie check out the Racing Dreams website.