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I am leaving bright and early to take a road trip to Vegas. Tomorrow is BFFM’s birthday so I am loading the HHR full of her presents, her brother (who is up here visiting his grandma), and I am heading to the desert for a few days,

Things I plan to do while in Vegas:

  • Watch BFFM open her presents! YEY for presents.
  • Eating cake…there will be cake…it’s a birthday! YEY for cake!
  • Catch Slaughter playing their hometown crowd.
  • Watch at least one movie…possibly two (actually at a theater).
  • Catch a production of the Lion King
  • Watch the Brickyard at an as of right now undisclosed location…because frankly I am not sure where we will end up..but hopefully Tony will have a good run. If he’s not? I will be the one cussing and throwing napkins at the TV…sorry in advance for that one!
  • Oh and since its been like 110 there…I will probably be alternating between melting into a puddle and bitching about the heat…

Have no fear though…I plan to have some entries queued up for your reading pleasure EVERY DAY (am I dedicated or what?)...however my usual post race report will be delayed because I probably won’t be back until monday evening and even then after having spent 8-9 hours in my car will prob not be in the mood to post until Tuesday.