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I just got back yesterday afternoon and I haven’t had time to sit down and write about Indy.  I came home to freezing weather (ok after being in 110 degree weather all weekend my usual of 65 is FREEZING) a ton of laundry and a very needy beagle who was attached to my by the hip yesterday after I got home. Then of course I come to work and am pretty much slammed work wise. So still no brickyard 400 post…but I have two things for you to chew on until I get that done (hopefully in time to post tomorrow morning).

First is this video from NASCAR.com featuring Jeff “Gooch” Patterson (gas man) and Rick Pigeon (catch can man) for the #14 Office Depot Chevy driven by Mr. Tony Stewart. It’s an interesting little piece about their jobs on the team.

Secondly I wanted to point you in the direction of the second piece I have written for the RACING IN AMERICA blog: How I Got Hooked On The Racing Experience.  I personally think it’s pretty darn good. Let me know what you think!