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Hey Atlanta Smoke Fans- Tony Stewart will be doing and in store appearance at the Office Depot located at 2126 Henderson Mill Road in Atlanta, GA (zipcode 30345) on Wednesday August 29th, 2012.  The autograph session will take place after Tony Stewart assists the Office Depot Foundation in donating 6000 sackpacks filled with school supplies to nonprofit organizations that support school-age children in the Atlanta area including Atlanta Kids In Need Resource Center, CASA of Georgia, City of Refuge, Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness, Safehouse Outreach, Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, and many others.  The donation ceremony and the sack packs are not available to the public.

The autograph session IS for the general public and will start at approximately 4:45 local time. You must have a wristband to get an autograph. Wristbands will be distributed starting at 8:00 am local time the day of the even on a first come, first serve basis. One wristband per person, one autograph per wristband.  You must be in line with your wristband by 5:15pm.

I strongly urge all Tony Stewart fans who can go to show up to show their support for their favorite driver! #ImWithSmoke #GoTonyGo!  Have fun for me!

So 4 wins in the last eight races is pretty awesome right? I think so.  You know what else is awesome? That this is the fifth season that Tony has had four wins!  GO TONY!  I will admit though, Jeff Burton did have me a little worried though yesterday. The last 12 laps or so I was standing right in front  of the TV hoping Jeff Burton would run out of gas.   Luckily he did- with just 5 laps to go resigning the lead to Stewart who went on to win the race at Texas Motor Speedway….putting him a mere 3 points behind points leader Carl Edwards with two races left (Phoenix and Homestead).  I think I need a really big bottle of Tums and for next week most likely a muzzle.

The best part about the win at Texas was that Tony totally backed up his smack talk from his win at Martinsville Speedway the week before.  I am the first to admit that when Tony got out of the car and during his post race press conference said “my adrenaline has worn off and I still mean he better not sleep too long these last three weeks” I cringed a little.  I mean that is some major smack talking but Tony and Stewart-Haas Racing was prepared to back it up and  I  LOVED that!!  After Smoke’s win at Martinsville the race at Texas Motor Speedway was billed as a sparring match between Stewart and Edwards so I also loved that TMS Track president brought out the boxing gloves to have Tony’s picture taken with in victory lane:

Tony Stewart (right, with Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage) wins the boxing match...er the AAA Texas 500 race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, TX. (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)

That's right Tony...show 'em Stewart-Haas Racing has muscle! (photo credit: Action Sports Photography)


Tony wins Texas! (Photo Credit: Action Sports Photography)


Notes On Texas:

  1. Cute story – at about the 10 laps to go mark I was standing there watching (and hoping Burton would run out of gas) when my 3 and 1/2 year old nephew walked in.  He wasn’t sure what was going on and he stood by his grandpa.  My dad tried to explain it to him- that there was a race and we were rooting for Tony. So he stood next to me and kept saying Go Tony! everytime I would say Go Tony! If you asked him who Tony was he would say  “Tony our friend!”  Now since Tony won- he thinks that Tony is Lightning McQueen because he won and his car is red.
  2. On the Wednesday before Texas- Tony went to Lake Okeechobee again to fishin the third-annual Office Depot Foundation Charity Fishing Tournament:

Tony with his catch (Photo Credit: Corporate Image Photography)

Tony shows off his mad fishing skills for the Office Depot Foundation. (Photo credit: Corporate Image Photography)

Also Office Depot Racing is doing an I’M WITH SMOKE promo where you can download the “I’m With Smoke” icon to use as your twitter/facebook avatar as well as a wallpaper. Plus you can enter to win a trip to the Homestead Miami race (you must enter by November 11th, 2011). Next week’s race is at Phoenix. GO TONY GO! KEEP DIGGING TONY! See ya there!

Last week I talked about a sackpack donation event where Tony Stewart helped the Office Depot Foundation donate 5000 sackpacks filled with school supplies to Indiana children.  In my post I mentioned the excitement on the face of one little girl in the big group picture and how I could just TELL that she was excited to get her sack pack. Well I was forwarded this picture today of that same little girl proudly posing with her sack pack…is she not adorable and obviously happy? (more…)

Attention Tony Stewart fans! Tony will be hosting a “Back to School” celebration at the the Office Depot. He will be presenting 2,000 book bags filled with school supplies to organizations in the area to help students get a leg up this school year.

As part of the celebration Tony Stewart will be doing an Autograph signing for the general public.  You must have a wristband to get an autograph. 350 wristbands will be distributed at the office depot on a first come, first service basis starting at 8:00 am local time.  One wristband per person, and one autograph per wristband.  You must be inline with your wristband no later than 5:15 to receive your autograph.  Tony will begin meeting with fans at 4:45 pm local time.

Where: Office Depot located at 4851 North Oak Traffic Way (in North Oak Village Plaza) in Kansas City, MO 64118

Wristband Distribution begins at 8:00 am local time

Autograph session begins at 4:45 pm local time

Here is a fun little video to get you in the mood:

For those who don’t know- I work on a college campus and new students moved onto campus over the weekend. Which means three things for me:

  1. Parking went from a plethora of available spots to a blood sport over over the weekend.
  2. My call volume just went way up…so I may be kind of slammed this week workwise. I am prepared though so hopefully I can stay on top of it.
  3. The kids are back…it makes life here much more exciting and usually much more enjoyable.

However it is not just the college kids (egads…did I just call college age students KIDS? I MUST be getting old). Kids of all ages EVERYWHERE are either back to school already or are soon to be back in session.

Some kids in Mirmar, Florida really got to start the year off in a fun and festive way today.  The students of Mirmar Elementary School were welcomed back to school by members of the Miami Heat basketball team!  HEAT players Pat Beverley, Kenny Hasbrouck, and Dexter Pittman helped distribute 900 backpacks filled with school supplies to children entering the school, courtesy of Office Depot.  The HEAT players also addressed the entire student body during morning announcements. The kids were also entertained by the The HEAT Dancers, Xtreme Team, and HEAT mascot Burnie.

And what’s even better? That Tony Stewart’s Back-To-School paint scheme Office Depot  show car was in attendance as well.

Miami HEAT guard Kenny Hasbrouck fires up the No. 14 Office Depot NASCAR race car during a Back to School event in Miramar, Florida. During the event, Miami HEAT players Patrick Beverley, Kenny Hasbrouck, and Dexter Pittman partnered with Office Depot to distribute 900 backpacks filled with school supplies to children during the first day of school in South Florida. (photo courtesy of Edelman)

That sounds like fun! This kind of thing never happened on the first day of school when I was a kid!