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So…my BFF and I have this grand plan. We plan to visit ALL of the Sprint Cup tracks.  I can’t really take credit for the idea- she really came up with it….but it sounded good to me! (If you want to check our progress on our little project just click the TRACKS link up at the very top of my site).

Our problem now is? We have run out of tracks in our “comfort” zone.  What I mean by this is that we have run out of tracks that we can drive to.  Tracks where we know people and can call people up and say…hey I am going to the race in Phoenix and I am staying at this hotel…is that the bad part of town? Or is Concord close enough to Infineon to look for a hotel?  I live on the central coast of California and she lives in Vegas. So basically our “driving” tracks were: Las Vegas, Fontana, Infineon and Phoenix.  The rest of the tracks will require air because while technically we COULD drive to other tracks we only have so much vacation time and that kind of thing.

I am thinking our next track that we haven’t been to before will probably be either Texas Motorspeedway or Kansas (not this year though).  So here is where I reach out to you all…what tracks have you been to? Do you have a favorite place to stay by that track??

We don’t really have the resources to camp at a track…because well we both like running water and neither of us own a motorhome.  Speaking of motorhomes…I would LOVE to be able to take off a couple of weeks to a month and take a motorhome around to some of the tracks I really would. But…sigh…I would need a motorhome. And time. And money.  Unfortunately I lack two of the three. And am a little low on the third right now.  But I think that it would make awesome book fodder.

But I digress…my original point here was to ask….HEY…Help me. Where do you stay when you go to the races? Or? can you give advice on hotels near any tracks (IE I don’t want to fly to say…Kansas and find out that the hotel I picked off a website somewhere is no where near the track in the sketchy part of town).