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I never went to summer camp as a kid…but my mom did sign me up for these little classes at the parks and rec center.  I took loads of swimming lesssons and was quite the little fish. My favorite though was a cooking class when I was 8 or so and I came home and wanted to make eggs in a basket every day for like a month after taking that class. It was fun to have learned something I could bring home with me like that.  I also did go away to 6th grade science camp where I was lucky not to come home with posion oak after my partner led me into a thicket of the stuff on our blind fold/ trust hike.  Oh and I remember the blueberry pancakes were more like blueberry frisbees with syrup.  And I remember bunking with my friends…in the cabins giggling all night and writing letters home to our parents.  Anyway- the point is that summer camp can be a great place for kids to go and be kids with other kids. 

Tony Stewart Foundation has a Camp fund to do just that. It helps raise funds that assist campers attend special needs camps where the campers can develop skills that build self confidence, have fun, and make friendships.  Isn’t that what camp is all about??  Help Tony and the Tony Stewart Foundation’s Camp Fund to help special kids go to special camps.  You can donate here, whether you have one dollar or one hundred dollars to donate- every litte bit helps send campers on an experience of their lifetime. Think of the smiles on all the kids faces at camp!!

This Sunday you might want to set your DVR’s for SPIKE TV (DirecTV channel 241) and you can see Tony Stewart and my his camaro on Unique Motorsports Miami. It will be featured both this Sunday (April 18th) and next Sunday (April 25th). I think it’s scheduled to run at 10:30 (EDT- for us on the west it’s on at 7:30am) but check your local listings. It will probably be on the same time as the race on Sunday because that is just my luck.

Smokes (sweet) Camaro (photo blatently stolen from the Tony Stewart Foundation)

This is THE very camaro that you can buy a raffle ticket to win with proceeds going to benefit the Tony Stewart Foundation (for a raffle ticket visit: SmokesCamaro.com). There is even a new pricing schematic for the tickets: ($50 for one, $75 for two, $100 for three).  You might not want to though since I am going to win it.  You will feel foolish having bought a ticket and then seeing me drive all over in my fancy gorgeous white camaro.  I know I have told you how much I LOVE the new Camaro from Chevy…and what better way than to get a customized one from none other than Tony Stewart himself.  (Not to mention that the Shop Tour you get as part of the prize would be like the most amazing part of the whole deal).  I even bought a raffle ticket this time.  Ok so I probably won’t win it…but I won’t cry if I win one of the early bird prizes…like maybe the tickets to the Brickyard. Yeah. But I still would rather have the camaro (even though I probably couldn’t afford the freaking gift tax on the thing).

The non-points All-Star Race is right around the corner.  I love the All-Star Race because it’s all about the money and the trophy- and not about the points.  Tony Stewart won last years All-Star Race- the first race win for the newly formed Stewart-Haas Racing team. It was a great victory for the team and set a blistering pace that included four wins and a spot in the Chase for both Stewart-Haas drivers. 

The 2010 All-Star Race is going to throw something a little bit different into the mix- a mandatory full four-tire pit stop.  I think this is great because often times it is the pit crews that can make or break a driver’s luck during the a regular points race so why not include them in the All-Star Race as well.   This is the new format:

  • Segment One: 50 laps with a mandatory green flag pit stop at lap 25. At the end of the fifty laps a yellow caution flag will wave where optional pitstops will be allowed.
  • Segment Two: 20 laps after which a yellow caution flag will wave and optional pitstops will be allowed.
  • Segment Three: 20 laps after which a mandatory ten minute break will be had. Crews will be allowed to adjust on the cars during this break. The finishing order at the end of this segment will determine the line up order for the four-tire stop .
  • Mandatory Four-Tire Stop: Once the field lines back up and takes the yellow flag after the ten minute stop all cars will be required to enter the pits for a mandatory four tire pit stop. The order in which the cars exit the pits will be the line up order for Segment Four.
  • Segment Four: 10 lap shoot out in which all laps must be green flag (yellow flag laps will NOT be counted).

So that adds a little excitment to the All-Star Race. I really really wish Misty and I were attending the All-Star Race (we would actually like to take in the whole week between the All-Star Race and the Coke 600).  One of these days Misty and I will make it to Charlotte.  This year would be a great year for Tony Stewart fans to attend the All-Star Race. Why?   In celebration of his 2009 win Charlotte Motor Speedway is offering a special Smoke Double Down ticket special.  The package is actually a GREAT deal.  For $149.00 you get two tickets on the front stretch grandstand area for the May 22nd 2010 All-Star Race  thus creating a cheering section for Tony and the team!  The ticket package also includes two tickets to a special fan forum lunch with Tony Stewart at CMS on May 3rd as well as two Tony Stewart Souveniors. Plus there is the added benefit that $20.00 of every ticket packet purchased goes to the Tony Stewart Foundation. So really it’s win win. Tony fan’s get a great deal on tickets, a special lunch with Tony and other Tony fans, not to mention the Tony Stewart goodies.  Tony and his Stewart-Haas Racing team win because they get their own cheering section at the race right there on the front stretch- which I am sure provides them with a great boost.  And the Tony Stewart Foundation gets a donation that supports their grants assisting chronically ill children and animal charities as well. So I guess really it’s win-win-win really! For more information on the Smoke Double Down ticket package visit the Charlotte Motor Speedway website or call 1-800-455-FANS

As you know I not only follow Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman, the drivers but I follow each of their driver foundations as well.  I wanted to let you all know that this past Saturday The Ryan Newman Foundation released their book Pit Road Pets: NASCAR Stars & Their Pets, The Second Lap.  I absolutely love my copy of the first Pit Road Pets book.  It’s definite one of the favorites on my NASCAR bookself.  If this second book is anything like the first one (I have ordered mine but don’t have it yet) it’s a gorgeous book of NASCAR Stars and the menagerie pets owned by drivers, crew chiefs, tv personalities and this year there was the addition of fans and their pets in the book too.  Proceeds from the first book went to help establish a regional spay and neuter clinic in North Carolina.  For this second book, according to the Ryan Newman Foundation website,  “One hundred percent of the Ryan Newman Foundation net proceeds will be donated to animal causes such as giving grants to families that can’t afford to spay or neuter their pets. The Ryan Newman Foundation also plans to build an animal education center in North Carolina that will serve as a model for animal welfare and education throughout the U.S.”   As a pet owner I can’t help but support this cause.  Roxy was spayed as soon as she was old enough.  The book is available on line from The Ryan Newman Website . Roxy says to get your copy today:

They won't let me eat this cookie

Roxy says: They won't let me eat this cookie until you buy your copy of Pit Road Pets The Second Lap. Hurry. I am losing my resolve. Photo Credit: Ralph Marbach


I have mentioned it before but I thought I should mention it again: Tony Stewart is raffling off a gorgeous white 2010 Chevy Camaro as well as an expenses paid trip to visit the SHR shop to pick up my your car.  Raffle tickets are $50.00 each. There are a ton of early bird prizes being raffled off as well so the sooner you buy your raffle ticket the better your chances of winning something.  All proceeds from the raffle go the Tony Stewart Foundation to help chronically ill children as well as endangered and injured animals.  I bought my ticket (honestly it’s taped to the wall of my office)…have you bought yours? You can get more information about the raffle at SmokesCamaro.com

You should really check out the Tony Stewart Foundation website because they have a couple of other cool initiatives that you might be interested in besides the Camaro raffle you might be interested.  The first is their Checkered Flag auction series.  The Foundation posts a series of special ebay auctions the first friday of every month- items are autographed and unique.  I have actually taken part in one of these auctions and can tell you that they go very smoothly and the item was in perfect shape.  There is also the Lap Leaders program where for a minimum monthly donation of $14.00 a month you get a quarterly gift- some that are exclusive to the lap leader program.  Also keep checking the foundation website as they continue to share information on their initiatves and ways you can help.

I will tell you that when we interviewed Tony – the best part of the whole interview was when we were talking about his Foundation and the work they do- especially with the animals- his whole face lit up as he talked about the horses and the dogs and how he loves animals. It’s something that you can tell is very close to his heart.


And lastly I wanted to talk about the NASCAR FOUNDATION’s NASCAR DAY program.  It includes the purchase of a pin for $5.00 and wearing it on May 21st.  I also participate in this every year. As a matter of face the first thing that Misty and I bought when we were at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the race were our NASCAR DAY pins.  We wear them every year.  The money goes to help the NASCAR foundation. This year they are focusing their “Big 5″ community projects which are: “renovation and race theme decoration of a portion of the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga.; partnering with Bank of America for a racing-themed educational initiative at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla.; working with Sprint, Inc. for a playground build at the Kansas City Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City, Mo.; A Place for Hope project outside Charlotte, N.C., and a youth initiative at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif.”  Visit The NASCAR Foundation for more information.

The Office Depot Foundation has awarded Tony Stewart and his mother Pam Boas with the organization’s “Listen Learn Care” award. It is the Office Depot Foundation’s highest honor. This award honors people who have been exceptionally creative and innovative in following their dreams and in helping others to realize their goals and aspirations.

Tony Stewart  and Pam Boas have worked with the Office Depot Foundation’s National Backpack Program which provides backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need.  Last summer Stewart helped the National Backpack Program donate it’s 2 millionth backpack during several appearances where he personally presented students with the backpacks.  Stewart’s mother also helped distribute over 5,000 backpacks to groups supported by the Tony Stewart Foundation, for which his mother is a board member.  They are awarded this honor not just because of their work with the National Backpack program but also because of all of the charitable work done through the Tony Stewart Foundation.

It’s a great honor to receive the Office Depot Foundation’s “Listen Learn Care Award” especially alongside my mom,” Stewart said. “I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish my dream of driving race cars for a living, and my mom always supported me in that goal. It means a lot to both of us to be able to give back and help others, especially kids, as they work hard toward achieving their dreams, too.”

For more information on the National Backpack Program visit The Office Depot Foundation. You can also visit the Tony Stewart Foundation website for more information on the foundation and the charities they work with.

I have ALWAYS loved cars.  As far back as I can remember anyway.  My mom tells the story that she didn’t realize how observant I was when I was little until my parents and I were walking through a parking lot when I was about three and a half or so. I looked at a pickup truck- pointed at it and proclaimed “That truck has wheels like SweetiePie’s truck.” (Sweetie Pie was my pet name for my paternal grandfather). My dad looked at the truck and told my mom “She’s right!”  I have distinct memories of laying on the floor when my brother and I were little and playing with his massive collection of matchbox cars.  I always wanted to play with the black corvette but often was stuck with the black A-Team van instead as the cars were his and the corvette was the most coveted car in his collection.  When I hit junior high there were more posters of cars in my room then there were of people.

I bought my beloved 2008 Chevy HHR (which happens to be in the shop today getting it’s 30,000 mile service) because my RAV4 decided suddenly that it wouldn’t start when it was semi-warm 3 out of every 5 times. Long involved story made short: I took the RAV in several times to the tune of a combined $1000+ and they still could not seem to find the ghost in the machine that would cause it to not start.  I travel a lot by car and needed something more reliable. While having all the problems with the RAV, I rented a car for a trip to LA and ended up with an HHR because they were out of compacts which I requested in my rental reservation.  I loved the rental HHR and and by the end of that year I was the owner a shiny new HHR.  Then the new Chevy Camaro comes out about a year later.

I tell myself I couldn’t wait that long- I needed a more reliable vehicle, that wasn’t so high mileage (the Rav was 8 years old and had 196K on her when I turned her in as a trade in). Don’t think for a second, however,  it doesn’t kill me that the Chevy Camaro came out so soon after buying my HHR…because that Camaro is one SWEETcar.  If it was feasible for me? I would totally trade in my HHR – that I am totally satisfied with and love dearly- in a second flat for a new Camaro. I wish I could do an even trade kind of thing; somehow though I think Chevy and my finance company would tell me no. 

Last season you probably remember me going on and on about wanting to win the bright beautiful victory red Camaro that the Tony Stewart Foundation was raffling off.  I mentioned it several times last year so I know that if you have been a reader for awhile you must have heard me waxing on and on about the car.  I never entered that raffle…for various reasons (furloughs being one of the major ones). 

Well guess what? All is not lost because The Tony Stewart Foundation is raffling off another Camaro from Smoke! And believe it or not? This Camaro is even better than the one given out last season.  Why? It’s not just a beautiful car white car with a black racing stripe. This car has also been customized by Will Castro of Unique Autosports.  If you are saying Huh? What? Who? Will Castro does customizations of lots of cars for athletes and celebrities and had a show called Unique Whips on TV for awhile (think kind of along the lines of Pimp My Ride).  Will Castro and Unique Autosports actually did the customizations on Tony’s orange Lamborghini and his hearse (The Smoke Deville).  This year the Camaro the winner gets will be featured on Will Castro’s new show Unique Autosports Miami (show premieres on SpikeTV Feb 28th).

How cool would it be to not only win a sweet Camaro- but to win won customized by Will and the crew at Unique Autosports? Not to mention that the winner gets an expenses paid trip to the Stewart-Haas Racing shop in North Carolina, and a personal meet n greet with Tony Stewart as he hands you the keys and title to the car.  Raffle tickets are $50.00 each and there are 70 early bird prizes to be given away throughout the course of the raffle (early bird raffles will be March 15th,  April 12th, May 10th, June 14th) with the final drawing for the grand prize of the Camaro on July 26th.  Only 10,000 tickets will be sold for this raffle and proceeds will benefit The Tony Stewart Foundation’s many initiatives supporting care for critically ill children, drivers injured in motorsports activities as well as supporting organizations committed to the care and protection of various animal species.  If you are interested in the raffle go to SmokesCamaro.com now for information on the raffle and to buy a ticket.


Also if you are interested, Tony Stewart and Old Spice have teamed up again this year to present an unique auction again benefiting the Tony Stewart Foundation.  After every victory- Tony will autograph his Old Spice towel and then auction it off with 100 % of the proceeds going to the Tony Stewart Foundation.  Fans have their first opportunity to bid NOW! Tony won the Nationwide season opener at Daytona on Saturday. The  towel is already on the auction block so get in on the action at this ebay auction if you are interested in owning a little piece of Tony’s third straight victory in the Nationwide Opening race (this year called the DRIVE4COPD 300) .  The auction ends the morning of February 22nd- so get your bids in today for this piece of unique memorabilia.

Whilst I am still working on posting about Champion’s week in Vegas I wanted to throw out a quick reminder that you can help give to the Tony Stewart Foundation and the Ryan Newman foundations this holiday season for free by voting for them on Facebook to win a grant from the Chase Community Giving Project.

How do you vote? It’s easy. If you have a facebook account you just become a fan of The Chase Community Giving project and then vote for the Tony Stewart Foundation here. You can vote for the Ryan Newman Foundation here.

Voting ends December 11th at midnight Pacific time so vote now to help Tony’s and Ryan’s foundations raise money . Each facebook user gets 19 votes- so give one to Tony and one to Ryan today!

What? You thought The Chase was over? Oh you must be thinking of the chase for the Sprint Cup.  I am talking The Chase Community Giving award.  Vote for Tony and the TONY STEWART FOUNDATION could win one of 100 $25,000 awards.

How do you vote? It’s easy.  If you have a facebook account you just become a fan of The Chase Community Giving project and then vote for the Tony Stewart Foundation here. Voting ends December 11th so vote now to help Tony’s foundation raise money for children with chronic illness and animal conservation as well as helping injured motor sports drivers. Each facebook user gets 19 votes- so give one to Tony today!


You can also help the Tony Stewart Foundation by checking out the Tony Stewart Foundation ebay auctions. You can get some unique items for that special Tony fan just in time for the holidays. I might have even bought myself a little some thing!!


If you are short on time and cash but want to help you can click here or text R-A-C-E-R to 90999  from your cell phone to make a $5 mobile donation now. The donation will show up on your cell bill. Take five minutes to give five bucks!