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Ok I am in the need of some serious help people.  So I have been presented with the incredible opportunity to, while in Las Vegas next week for the race and surrounding related festivities, to ask Tony Stewart some questions.  I guess you could even call it a brief interview…although I don’t like to call it an interview because that makes me nervous (or more nervous).

Upon the suggestion of Misty’s coworker (Hi Ryan!)- I thought I would throw this out there to you all. What would YOU ask Tony Stewart?! Seriously, I need some good questions. I guess you could even call this a contest of sorts- although I don’t really have a prize for this one…except that Tony might actually answer your question.  That would be a pretty good prize don’t you think?? Anyway…the comments are open for your questions for Tony and suggestions for me (or you can email them to me using the link on the right if you prefer, DM me on Twitter, message me on Facebook, send a carrier pigeon or a message in a bottle or paper airplane- whatever- as long as I get it by next Tuesday night).


Exciting news! If your question is picked we have an actual prize for you now!! If we pick your question there is now an Office Depot Racing Standee in it for you as well as having your question answered by Tony (courtesy of Edelman!) So send in your questions now!

Not only am I posting on Saturday but TWICE. Are you lucky or what? Just some quick NASCAR notes that can’t wait until Monday’s recap:

  • Tony Stewart HOTPASS Alert!!! Tony is going to be a DirecTV HotPass driver again this weekend. He will be on channel 796 so tune in to hear Tony and crew work their way around the Evil Little Triangle (Pocono)…or at least the parts that DirecTV wants us to hear anyway.
  • Speaking of Tony Stewart- you can ask Tony your very own interview question. Check out From The Marbles for your chance to submit a question for Tony to answer. What a cool contest. I would LOVE to offer my readers the chance to submit questions to Tony Stewart…(and maybe a question or two of my own..since you know…this is my blog).  It would be cool just to be able to interview the man actually.
  • Valli over at TheFastandTheFabulous has an awesome contest running right now where you could win Jeff Gordon’s Talladega lugnut as part of an awesome Jeff Gordon Prize Package.  Valli always has the coolest contests!