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(Amy here. I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in this article! Thank you so much Billie, Michelle, Treena, Lisa, and Andrew/Stephanie & Spencer for sharing your ink and your stories).

NASCAR fans are, by nature, a fiercely driver-loyal breed. Fans buy driver gear and fly their “driver’s colors” on their cars, in their homes, and on their clothes. And for some diehard fans, they get it etched permanently into their skin- carrying their driver loyalty with them everywhere they go in the form of a tattoo (or two).  This naturally got me thinking about Tony Stewart fans with tattoos so I put out a call on my social media- asking if any of my Tony Stewart fans would be interested in sharing their ink and story in a post for my blog. I got some great pictures of fans proudly displaying their own unique Tony Stewart ink and the stories behind them. You will soon find out that their stories (in their own words) are are as individual as the tattoos themselves: (more…)

Last week I talked about a sackpack donation event where Tony Stewart helped the Office Depot Foundation donate 5000 sackpacks filled with school supplies to Indiana children.  In my post I mentioned the excitement on the face of one little girl in the big group picture and how I could just TELL that she was excited to get her sack pack. Well I was forwarded this picture today of that same little girl proudly posing with her sack pack…is she not adorable and obviously happy? (more…)