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(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP/Andrew Coppley)

Started: 12th

Finished: 2nd

Points: 287 (28th in the standings, 6 points away from 27th and 67 points away from 31th).

While watching the race in New Hampshire I had only one thing on my mind: points. I wanted nothing more than a decent points day- where we pulled away a bit on 31th (we were 30th in the points at the start of the race). Despite NASCAR’s current points system and the “win and you’re in” mentality that is promoted with it- that is not always the case- especially when it comes to Tony Stewart.  He has his win but Tony has to stay in the top 30 in points and considering he spent the first eight races of the season sidelined with a broken back which also means he was put in an 8 race deficit points wise is no easy task.  Its not impossible as Kyle Busch showed us last season- but it’s not easy either. The team has to fight tooth and nail for every point they can get. (more…)

(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook)

It’s been a horrendously busy time for me at work lately and I think the tech gods are mad at me because it seems like this week in particular is trying to kill me.  However- just because I am busy at work doesn’t mean I don’t have few things ping around my brain like lugnuts during a green flag pit stop:

1. Planning to be at the Aspen Dental Dirt Derby (previously known as the MudSummer Classic) at Eldora Speedway in Ohio next week to watch the CWTS on dirt? Looking to do some good and kill some time before the feature?  Join the Tony Stewart Foundation’s Guinness Book Of World Records attempt at the Largest Game of Heads Or Tails! Register now for $10 to ensure your spot in the game. Proceeds will assist the foundation’s grant program!  There some pretty awesome prizes if you end up as one of the top ten people lasting the longest in the game plus all registered contestants will get a commemorative bandanna (you can also donate and get a bandanna if you can’t be there)!  Check out the Tony Stewart Foundation’s Flip It For Good page for more information and to register:

2.  Here is a great article from National Speed Sport News on what Tony Stewart deems as his “Personal Hell Week” (but it sounds like he also loves it) but check out what the next week to ten days are going to be like in the life of Tony Stewart. I just have one question…when does he sleep? Give it a read and if you can figure out when he does…let me know.


(photo source: Tony Stewart Facebook Page)

Started: 22nd

Finished: 5th

Points: 248 (30th in the standings, 15 points away from 29th and 31 points away from 31th).


I think they need to rename Kentucky Speedway Kautiontucky Speedway. Okay, I admit I can’t take total credit for that- Misty thought of something similar towards the end of the race and posted it on her Facebook. It made me chuckle. Considering that the surface was new at Kentucky , there had been a lot of rain, limited practice, and that the tire compounds were hard- the amount of cautions probably couldn’t be prevented.  (more…)

(Photo source: Zimbio.com/Blaine Ohigashi/Getty Images North America)

It’s been awhile since I have done a Loose Lugnuts and boy have I missed it. Some of this might be old news to you all and if it is I am sorry but I just wanted to make sure I shared it with you before it left my brain bucket completely.  So without further ado here is what has been rolling around in my brain like lugnuts during a green flag pitstop this week:

1. I don’t know about you all but this #Smoke fan is still excited about his really awesome Sonoma win.  I so freaking excited to see Tony win at Sonoma I forgot how to work my camera!!  It was an awesome win and if you still haven’t read the Sonoma Race diary post (I know it’s a long one but I can’t help myself) please read it and let me know what you think. If you are looking for just the pictures you can see some of my pictures over here in the Flickr photo album for Sonoma 2016 or you can check out my facebook albums (for facebook I broke the photos into three separate albums: Various Toyota Savemart 350 At Sonoma Pictures, Tony Stewart VIP Experience, and Ernie Irvan/Tony Stewart Wall of Fame Plaque presentation). The difference between the facebook book albums and the flickr albums is there are a few of my phone pictures included in the facebook albums that I didn’t post up on Flickr…and there are two videos from my phone in the Wall of Fame Facebook Folder that I didn’t stick on twitter.

2. How excited was I for Tony’s win? I changed my cell phone lock screen from a picture of Abbie to this picture as soon as I saw it: (more…)

(Photo source: Tony Stewart Official Store Facebook/HHP Photo/Alan Marler)

Started: 19th

Finished: 26th

Points: 212 (30th in the standings, 3 points ahead of 31st and 31 points behind 29th).

(Photo Source: Tony Stewart Official Facebook Page/HHP/Rusty Jarrett)

Am I the only one that misses the fact that the race use to be called the Firecracker 400? I mean can’t they at least call it the Firecracker 400 presented by Coke Zero at the very least?  I know that they called the Xfinity race the Firecracker 250 but still…I am talking about bringing some patriotism or acknowledgement of the holiday into the name of the race…I don’t think it’s odd.  Anyway on to the meat of the post and that is the actual race in Daytona.

Ahh Super Speedway racing. For me it’s less about winning and more about surviving.  The cars are running uber close and the usually inevitable wrecks are characteristically big. And then there are races like Saturday night in Daytona…where your driver just sticks to his p’s and q’s expertly avoids the “big one” and continues to bide his time during the race. He starts to make his move towards the front of the pack, ends up getting loose in a spot where he usually doesn’t get loose and crashes out of the race big time with only 10 laps left to go.

After the race- while most of his fans were holding their breath after seeing him take what looked like some serious hits both into the wall and by another driver, Tony took total responsibility for losing control of the car when it got loose.  His direct quote was “I just over corrected for it and drove it into the fence. So it was definitely my fault. I don’t know why I got loose but I got loose going into one.”  I do have to say that it would have been nice if NBC would have either showed him getting out of the car and into the ambulance under his own power or if they would have at least stated that he did I am sure several fans wouldn’t have been so on edge waiting for his post infield care center interview. Or maybe  moving around in the cockpit since I thought Tony was running an in-car camera.  But alas we were all left to hold our breaths until he stopped to talk to the media after leaving the media center.  I mean it’s not like he’s healing from a back injury or anything [insert sarcastic eyeroll here]. (more…)

photo source: Amy K. Marbach

Started: 10th

Finished: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Points: 196 (32nd in the standings, 9 points away from 30th and 3 points away from 31th).

Quote of the (post) Race: “All you got to do is give me that little bit of hope and I will run with it.” — Tony Stewart, Post race press conference 6-26-16 This was my FAVORITE quote from his very quip filled post race presser because I think it not only describes Tony Stewart to a T but us fans too- am I right?!?! (more…)

(Photo credit: Amy K. Marbach)

Well it’s an off week for the NASCAR races this week…but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff pinging around my head like lugnuts during a green flag pit stop.

1. Last week we talked about Brad Keselowski’s comments about Jeff Gordon being in the booth. Afterwards Jeff Gordon interviewed Brad about his comments. You can see that interview here:

While I still do not necessarily agree with some of the things Brad says (especially about what kind of comments someone with a “stake” in the game should be able to make in the booth) I think it’s interesting to hear what he had to say about the situation.

2. Speaking of Jeff Gordon- there is a biography of Jeff  coming out in October that I can’t wait to get my hands on it. You can be sure that this book (Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny, scheduled to release October 18th, by author Joe Garner) will be reviewed for Amy’s #NASCAR Reading List if I have to buy the sucker myself. You can read and excerpt here and order it from the Jeff Gordon store and get some extra digital behind-the-scenes goodies as well as a poster shipped with your book.

3. One more Jeff Gordon tidbit I wanted to point out today before we move on is this article on Popular Speed about the author’s personal experience with Jeff Gordon and his personal experience interview Jeff about his foundation. It’s a good read:  WAID’S WORLD: How a Meeting With Gordon Lifted One Man’s Spirit

4. I wanted to share another great article from Kristen Schneider  of Skirts and Scuffs. This one is about FoxSports1′s Danielle Trotta. It’s a great read: Danielle Trotta Talks Television, Breaking Barriers, and Giving Back. You know that I am a huge fan of Skirts and Scuffs and this article is another shining example of why.

5. I think Tony Stewart has a great understanding of social media as evidenced in this video from Mobil 1: (more…)

(photo source: Zimbio.com/Josh Hedges/Getty Images North America)

Started: 3rd

Finished: 7th

Points: 152 (35th in the standings, 45 points away from 30th and 8 points away from 34th).

No matter where Tony starts in the grid I have always said that finishing better than what you started is a good day.  Tony may have finished 4 spots lower than where he started the race- but it’s really hard to call it a bad day when Tony Stewart and Team 14 had such a great weekend over all. This is the kind of weekend us Smoke fans have been wanting to see so I can only imagine the same is true for Tony and the team itself. (more…)