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Tomorrow morning I leave for Vegas.  My bags are mostly packed save for a couple of things I need to throw in at the last minute.  The HHR has been serviced (last week) and fueled.  I am hoping it doesn’t storm massively because no one likes driving 500 miles in a storm- Misty did it the weekend after my birthday on her way home from visiting me and can attest to the fact that IT SUCKS!!  I think it will just sprinkle here and there (fingers crossed).

Anyway, this means that I won’t be blogging until after I get back.  I will probably have lots of pictures to share with you and lots of stories about what I did in Vegas both at the race and outside the race.

I might twitter now and again while gone so feel free to check my twitter (twitter.com/badgroove) to see what I am up to but remember that I refuse to pay for the data plan or unlimited texting plan so I might not get your replies until later in the day.  I might also update my facebook if you happen to by my FB friend.


Also- here is a link to a contest where you can enter to win a VIP racing package for 4 that includes weekend tickets for saturday and sunday, hotel accommadations, spending cash, and other goodies.  Unfortunately if you are from CA like I am you can’t enter (you also can’t enter if you are in AK, HI, ME, MT, OR & WA). But hopefully one of my readers will win. Good luck.